Director of Music

Oxford United Methodist Church is currently seeking a Director of Music.

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Purpose of the Position

To work with the Senior Pastor, the Choir Director, the Organist/Keyboardist, the Handbell Choir Director and others engaged in the planning of worship services to achieve coherent and meaningful worship experiences for the congregation.

To plan special music for all worship services held in the OUMC.

Responsibilities of the Position

  1. Plan and coordinate the worship service music; organize and oversee performances by the various church choirs, small ensembles, soloists and instrumentalists.
  2. Develop the music program by continually encouraging members/friends of the church to share their musical talents with the congregation and by identifying new leaders and developing new teams.
  3. Oversee the Choir Director, Organist/Keyboardist, Handbell Choir Director, Praise Band Coordinator, and directors of other musical groups of the church.
  4. Help organize rehearsals times and spaces for the various music ministries.
  5. Meet monthly and email weekly with the Senior Pastor and the rest of the worship leaders to ensure unified themes in the church music and worship services.
  6. Submit all selections for music for the regular Sundays or for special services on other days.
  7. Help prepare the year’s church calendar as it pertains to music.
  8. Involvement in the church’s holidays and other special services (e.g., Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and outdoor services).
  9. In collaboration with the Senior Pastor, annually evaluate the Choir Director, the Organist/Keyboardist, and the Handbell Choir Director.


  1. Faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Musical ability in any of the following areas: choir, piano, organ, voice, orchestra, or other instruments.
  3. Experience leading a team of volunteers


This position works closely with and is supervised by the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor, with the Music Director’s input, will evaluate this position at least once annually. SPRC will review the evaluation.


Part time (Average of 10 hours per week).


Salary recommended annually by Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) and approved by the Leadership Team. Additional opportunities may be available based on musical abilities (e.g., organist, choir director, experience with contemporary and traditional music, etc.). Continuing education reimbursement as requested with amount determined by SPRC and approved by the leadership Team (Attendance at professional workshops or conventions is encouraged in order to stay current with trends in service music).