You may request a complete officer’s list, including contact information, from For reasons of privacy, you must be an active member of the church to receive this information.

The officers list is in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to open the file.

The current church officers are listed below.

Senior Pastor Arun Paul
Pastor of Care
Office Administrator Susan Walker
Music Director/Organist Jessica Smith
Choir Director Ilyssa Myers
Bell Choir Director* Katie Gibson
Youth Directors Amit Dutta N/A
Children’s Director Lorna Dutta N/A
Nursery Attendant Emma Drake NA
Attendance Secretary* Alice Laatsch NA
Memorial Secretary* Cathy Greene NA
Office Volunteer* Richard Laatsch NA
Sexton Sarah Huddleson NA

Note: Members listed with an asterisk (*) are volunteers.

Leadership Chair Howard Krauss NA
Pastor Arun Paul
Pastor of Care
SPRC Chair Diane Oak NA
Finance Chair Alan Oak
Trustees Chair Reid Shoker NA
Missions Chair Nancy Feakes
UMW Chair Ethel Hock NA
SPRC Chair Diane Oak NA
Pastor Arun Paul
Lay Leader Howard Krauss NA
Lay Delegate Cathy Greene
Class of 2018 Suzi Katto NA
Class of 2018 Karl Mattox NA
Class of 2018 Jane Fields NA
Class of 2019 Jim Adams NA
Class of 2019 TBD NA
Class of 2019 Chris Rodbro NA
Class of 2020 Diane Oak
Class of 2020 Roselyn Banda
Class of 2020 Amity Pegg
Trustees Chair Reid Shoker NA
Pastor Arun Paul
Class of 2018 Joe Hurley NA
Class of 2018 Jennifer Marston NA
Class of 2018 TBD NA
Class of 2019 Linda Augspurger NA
Class of 2019 TBD NA
Class of 2019 Gary McCormick NA
Class of 2020 John Moul
Class of 2020 Marilyn Heflin
Class of 2020 Reid Shoker
Chair Alan Oak
Pastor Arun Paul
Leadership Chair Howard Krauss NA
Lay Delegate Cathy Greene NA
SPRC Chair Diane Oak NA
Trustee Chair Reid Shoker NA
Lay Leader Howard Krauss NA
Financial Secretary Cathy Greene NA
Treasurer Jill Frieden NA
Missions Representative Richard Laatsch NA
Chair Nancy Feakes
Treasurer Richard Laatsch NA
Mail Carol Michael NA
Publicity Alice Laatsch/Peggy Lewis NA
Community Dinner Coordinator Molly Franklin NA
Spires Newsletter Susan Walker
Church Sign Brad Cotterman NA
Website Jon Fields
Chair Chris Rodbro NA
Childrens Director Lorna Dutta NA
Youth Directors Amit Dutta NA
Adult Learning Bob Harp NA
Adult Learning Donna Sargent
Adult Learning Carol Michael NA
Chair Pam Termeer NA
Pastor of Care
Prayer Team Lead Donna Sargent
Card Ministry Alice Laatsch NA
Nursing Home Care Carolyn Wengler NA
Resingled Carol Hesselbrock NA
Tea Ministry Charlotte Krauss NA
Shawl Ministry Charlotte Krauss NA
UMW Funeral Luncheon Barbara Clawson NA
UMW Funeral Lunchean Carolyn Auble NA
Fellowship Coordinator Peggy Lewis NA
Fellowship Coordinator Anne Koehler NA
Fellowship Coordinator Cathy Greene
Chair Ethel Hock NA
Luncheon co-chair Phyllis Cox NA
Luncheon co-chair Barb Broida NA
Chair Brody Ruihley NA
Pastor Arun Paul
Music Director/Organist Jessica Smith
Decorating Committee Lead Julie Mauch NA
Lay Reader Lead (11:00) Donna Sargent
Lay Reader Lead (8:30) Donna Sargent
Usher Leads Greg Haskins NA
Usher Leads Brad Cotterman NA
Usher Leads Clay Hock NA
Usher Leads John and Kathie Hild NA
Communion Stewards Jan Hedric NA
Communion Stewards Craig Cashell NA
Media Chris Allison
Sound Brad Cotterman NA
Greeters Linda Augspurger NA
Welcoming Ministry Craig Cashell NA
Welcoming Ministry Barb Cotterman NA
Historian Jenny Presnell NA
Historian Bill Scott NA
Class of 2018 Ann Koehler NA
Class of 2018 Emmanuel Banda NA
Class of 2018 Audra Drake NA
Class of 2019 Kathie Hild NA
Class of 2019 Alice Laatsch NA
Class of 2019 Reid Shoker NA
Class of 2020 Marcia Puckett
Class of 2020 Jerome Conley
Class of 2020 TBD