Sunday School

Sunday School classes are offered for

  • Preschool Children, ages 3-5 years
  • Children in grades K-2
  • Children in grades 3-5

All classes are taught in the Education Building in the third floor children’s wing. The lead teachers are highly experienced and have many years of experience. They are assisted by college students and other volunteers.

Children sign in on Sunday morning at the sign-in table located on the third floor of the Education Building. Parents are welcome to attend class or visit at any time.

PVM Christian Camp

Youth, children and their families will be taking a two-day, two-night trip to area PVM Christian camp where we will enjoy the privately rented gorgeous retreat center. Parents and their children will experience fellowship and relational development by way of zip lining, archery tag, kayaking, battle balling, swimming and many other means. OUMC families will enjoy spending time together outside during the day, and in the mornings and evenings during Christ-centered group activities. Please stay tuned for more details as to when the exact dates will be.

Other Events and Opportunities

Please stay tuned for many upcoming dates and opportunities as pertaining to our church children and their families.