Over 100,000 people in our country critically need a kidney transplant. The wait time for a deceased donor kidney is typically several years.

There is a solution to this issue: living kidney donation. We each have a vital role to play by raising awareness and educating people about the process of living kidney donation, so that more potential donors might step forward. We want all these people, family, friends, and neighbors, to have the opportunity to live full, healthy lives.

Alan’s Story

One of our very own members, Alan Oak, needs a kidney. Alan was born with two undersized kidneys, is now in stage 5 (end stage) kidney failure, and needs a kidney transplant.

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A Donor is Found

From  Alan’s Kidney Quest on Facebook March 22, 2018:

It is with gratefulness and joy that we share the good news that Alan has a donor! Alan’s younger daughter, Alison Prentice, was tested last fall and disqualified. About a month ago, she went back to the transplant team and asked them to reevaluate her and proceeded with more testing. Recently, she shared the news with our immediate family and we have been waiting for her to complete the testing. We were thrilled to learn that she was approved to be Alans’s donor

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Learn More

You can learn more about the efforts with Alan’s Kidney Quest by watching this short news story that ran on the Cincinnati local news.


Thank You!

Thank you for for helping us raise awareness about living kidney donation for the 100,000 Americans who are currently awaiting a kidney transplant.

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